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Self-Portraits & Interviews

On the Web, our self-portraits will reflect the testimonies and artistic works of Muslim women while revealing the diversity and creativity of these women. 

All of them, in their diversity, will find the opportunity to say for themselves who they are in order to take the word that is too often confiscated from them.


These self-portraits aim to share and amplify the voices, stories and art of Muslim women. 


Its objective is to deconstruct the dominant visual and stereotyped image on the web and in the media; in a society of images that can sometimes agitate colonial, racist and/or Islamophobic unconscious. 


Muslim women are marginalized and dehumanized in the media-political space, particularly in the French-speaking world. 

As such, we aim to:

  • To reduce the discrepancy of the image of Muslim women and veiled women in relation to reality

  • To encourage their questioning in order to express themselves by and for themselves

  • To recognize the taking of power within social networks that have become a space for protests (where they are not censored but on the contrary promoted).


The virtual exhibition based on self-portraits proves to be relevant and operational in order to demonstrate how our influential actresses, hijabistas, models, journalists and artists proactively deconstruct the image of a Muslim woman who "undergoes" her scarf, her religious affiliation which they present as a seizure of power in a creative act in order to assert a positive image of the body of women hitherto invisible, dehumanized or even violated. 

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