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The coordinating entity, made up of Saint-Louis University and Plurivers'Elles Etudes et Formations, was formed from:


  • on the one hand from previous collaborations between Prof. Maryam Kolly and Dr. Malika Hamidi (both members of the Center for Sociological Studies CESIR)

  • and on the other hand the need in their eyes to create a collaborative dynamic in the perspective of research - action between universities and associative structures.

In other words, it will be a question of innovating the field of knowledge and enhancing the world of research by bringing a hybrid dimension by crossing scholarly eyes and field expertise. Within the framework of this project and as explained previously, the objective is to demonstrate how these new social network actors are in the process of negotiating the construction of a "pious and committed feminine/feminist" subjectivity at the intersection of their faith. and the digital world in societies plagued by Islamophobia while questioning the field of global digital culture as Islamic authority.




Thus, the work and expertise of our 4 academic partners prove to be relevant and operational in order to demonstrate how our actresses proactively deconstruct the image of a subjugated Muslim woman who "undergoes" un_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ scarf which they present as a "taking of power" and in a creative action in order to assert a positive image of women's bodies so far singularly invisible, dehumanized or even violated.

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