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Virtual Exhibition 

"RE-VISUALIZE" is also a virtual exhibition which will bring together:

  • The voices

  • The stories 

  • The trajectories of European Muslim women from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


This online platform will showcase the creativity, courage and passion of these actresses with exclusive interviews from which self-portraits of these prominent Muslim women and a new “gender” will emerge. 


All these women, as diverse as each other, emerging and established artists, entrepreneurs, Instagrammers, models and journalists will have all their efforts united in a single online medium.


This “Online Exhibition” will be made visible thanks to a physical opening which will take place in Brussels in June 2025. We will inaugurate the launch in the presence, among others, of 4 Muslim women involved in the self-portraits and towards our target audience, civil society Muslim or not, academia, feminism and politics. 


Eventually, this virtual exhibition will turn into a website that will put art at the service of research and civil society. 

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